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From the first time you try L’BRI products you’ll see and feel a difference. That’s the healing power of aloe – the first ingredient in all of our skin care, hair and body products – not water like most skin care products on the market. You’ll also discover select natural vitamins, herbs, sea plants and botanicals formulated to heal, nurture and rejuvenate the skin. You will feel good about what you WON’T find in L’BRI skin care. No drying alcohols, no pore-clogging waxes or heavy oils, and no artificial colors. Many of the people who choose L’BRI love it so much, they become L’BRI Consultants. Read their stories and learn more about the products that are changing lives – one face at a time!

Skin Care

Health and wellness
When you use the L’BRI three-step skin care program faithfully for 30 days, you will see and feel an incredible difference in your skin – we guarantee it! Your consultant will help you choose from a wide range of our specialized skin care products and make a recommendation based on your specific skin type.


L’BRI customers love to share their stories – and we love to hear them! Customers everywhere are using L’BRI to help their teens with acne, clear up a baby’s cradle cap, soothe sunburn, or tackle stubborn milia. Many more customers are marveling at their soft, smooth skin and are enjoying the compliments they get on their youthful appearance. From head to toe, the possibilities are endless.

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying the gentle five-piece skin care set — they are great! Thank you for introducing me to L’BRI.”
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Health and Wellness

We took the goodness of aloe and combined it with proven, health-promoting ingredients to create a line of health and wellness products that will give you strength and vitality from the inside out.
Health and wellness

Color Cosmetics

Color cosmetics
L’BRI color cosmetics give you the tools to create a casual, fresh look, or a dramatic, glamorous look – whatever your mood may be! Work with your Consultant to find the colors that help you highlight your natural features and create a picture-perfect image in minutes.